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About Us:


Green Tulip is a true labor of love, driven by our commitment to serving the community and ensuring accessible education for all children. Our school is meticulously designed with every child in mind.

At Green Tulip, inclusivity is at the heart of our design. We envisioned a school that caters to all children, a space where the concept of "outside time" knows no bounds. Here, children enjoy the freedom to select environments that resonate with them, delving into their chosen interests. Our school boasts a vibrant outdoor setting teeming with learning opportunities, complete with a rich array of indoor learning materials that seamlessly extend the scope of outdoor education. Rain or shine, our setup accommodates various weather conditions, ensuring that children can revel in the outdoor experience throughout their time at Green Tulip.







Director and Lead Teacher


Nadine Salam



Nadine Salama is not just a teacher; she is a gifted educator, a Positive Discipline coach, a devoted mother, and, for the last 12 years, the dedicated Executive Director of Green Tulip Preschool. Turning her dream and passion into reality, Nadine has tirelessly infused love and energy into every corner of the school throughout her decade-long tenure.


Asssitant Teacher: East Esbensen
Teacher East, pronouns He/Him or They/them, has been an invaluable part of Green Tulip for the past two years. He harbors a deep affection for the children, employing a tranquil and gentle approach to guide them in their learning and developmental journey.

Assistant Teacher Rebecca Ellis

Meet Teacher Rebecca, pronouns She/Her. A recent addition to our team, she brings a profound passion for teaching, infusing enthusiasm, a genuine love for children, and an exceptional approach to natural learning.






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