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What your child will experience at Green Tulip:

The natural world at their fingertips.

Our outdoor classroom is set to accommodate most weather. We will be outside often, learning, exploring, playing, and tending to our plants and animals.


Delicious & Nutritious Meals

DUE TO COVID, We are not serving meals at the moment.

We will naturally introduce your child to delicious and nutritious foods. We serve organic and we prefer locally grown and sometimes even school grown fruits and veggies. Our most popular dish currently is the coconut rice with meat and vegetables.

A Creative Environment

We love and appreciate any form of art and we encourage creative expression. We provide and an endless array of art and craft supplies and encourage the recycling and upcycling materials and mixing of mediums.  We allow the children the complete freedom to create their own work.


Observing how the children create also helps us better understand their thought process and how to cater our teaching approach to meet that individual child's needs.

Freedom to explore individual interests

Each child is an individual with his/her own interests. We are constantly adding new stations to meet their interests. If we find that your child is interested in something we do not have, we will create a learning station for it soon after and make it so no questions are left unanswered.

Fun and lots of it!

A positive happy environment, where seeds of friendship, love, joy, teamwork, peace, community are planted and nurtured.

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